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Ingo SobolewskiHello, my name is Ingo Sobolewski, I'm a Software-Developer living with my family in the Czech Republic. With my guiding idea of simplicity, quality and reliability which I use in daily business, I am convinced to have a solid and forward-looking principle in which I found my confirmation.

In search of new professional perspectives I studied Online-Media at Furtwangen University Highschool in the year 2001, which was at that time the first study course on that subject in Germany. After successfully finishing studies I worked as a Software-Developer for companies in Germany and the Czech Republic.

In my spare time my family plays the biggest role, beside I compose electronic music and do digital photography.


Even if Software-Systems have a certain complexity, the goal should always be to break it down to simpler processes. So it's good to separate major from minor requirements from the beginning of the project. Lastly you would like to have Software which is extensible and easy to maintain.

Modern Software-Development methods like SCRUM allow us to keep the development processes lean, so you can concentrate on the main parts. Unfortunately you see SCRUM at it's best only in a minority of companies, because their internal processes or the processes of their customers are not fully adaptable to the rules of SCRUM. So it might happen that mixed forms of SCRUM cause more complexity than they help to simplify them. Sometimes there is also no time or courage to do things different than normal.


Working with high quality standards also means to me as a Software-developer to choose the right tools for development. I use a set of tools from which I know that everything fits together well and that is extensible. Respecting quality begins even at early project phase. Are essential parts and requirements missing or not well described, you have hassle during the whole project. This costs beside stress and loss of time of course valuable budget.

Thanks to modern frameworks and best practice approaches you can reach a good quality in Software development. A quality killer is often the lack of time or human fault too. Not well tested Software and a refactoring from refactoring and again refactoring speak volumes and can fail the whole project. Therefore main goal should be to achieve quality through all phases of the project.


Working with exactness is for me a matter of course. Reliability is not only important in case of Software, but also in daily business and association with colleagues. If a team pull together, targets can be reached fast and easily. For me common sense is just as important as expertise. I very much like to work with kind people and reach goals together. You can count on me.

Sticking to established standards and testing not only at the end of a project guarantee Software products with high reliability. Simplicity also leads to more reliability. And reliability is a very good sign for quality.


During my studies of Online-Media I obtain basic knowledge of programming, design, chromatics, online-marketing and e-business. While working as a Software developer for different companies in Germany and the Czech Republic I build up know-how in web-development with PHP5 Frameworks, HTML5, CSS3 as well as JavaScript frameworks and libraries like jQuery or JavaScriptMVC. Also I have knowledge in project-management and SCRUM.

I describe myself as communicative, open-minded and honest. Accurate and result-oriented working as well as a fast comprehension count among my strengths. A task fulfills me when I can contribute to it constructively and with sole responsibility. Vision and gut feeling as well as humour are part of my personality.

  • Even before my studies I started to learn HTML. I have strong and standard compliant HTML know-how. Valid and semantically correct markup is very important for me.

  • I use CSS3 to implement design-templates. When I create CSS classes I take care of reusability. To achieve responsive behaviour of layouts I use media-queries. For better maintainability and extensibility I have started to use the Less CSS-preprocessor.

  • jQuery is the most used JavaScript library. When it comes to DOM manipulation or displaying dynamic content via Ajax and animation, jQuery is my choice. As many frontend frameworks are built on top of jQuery, it is a must-have in my web-toolbox.

  • Twitter Bootstrap is a frontend-framework made of CSS and JavaScript components. It enormously easy my daily work on web-based applications and UIs. In the past I already successfully implement several software projects using Bootstrap. It is one of the most used frameworks for frontend development.

  • In search of other useful frontend frameworks which could ease my work, I stumbled upon UIkit. In some areas very similar to Bootstrap, UIkit offers a more lean codebase and some useful features which Bootstrap don't have out of the box. This website was built with UIkit and I am excited about this relatively new framework.

  • CodeIgniter is a PHP-based MVC-Webframework. I use it for Backend-programming with PHP. It has a low learning curve and offers a good feature-set for developing secure PHP Web-Applications. It's fun to work with it.

  • When it comes to use a CMS-system I choose Joomla! as my favourite one. I know Joomla! for a long time now and already have successfully implemented it in many customer projects and websites. I am able to extend Joomla! by using its PHP API.

  • Recently I am learning Node.js, a platform for easily building fast and scalable network applications. With Node.js it's possible to create web-servers and Backend applications based on JavaScript. The event-driven architecture of Node.js is very efficient. This website was built with the Node.js based Webframework Express.js. I appreciate working on projects with Node.js to improve know-how.

  • mongoDB is a so-called NoSQL database which can process JSON documents. As I am using JSON format anyway for asynchronous data transfer between server and client, I don't have to do a object-relational mapping here. At the moment I am still learning mongoDB so I appreciate if I could deepen my knowledge in further projects.

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